Thursday, June 26, 2014

USA Vs Germany, Group G 1-0, USA loose this game but advances / Fun Flag Wigs !

There was no handshake agreement to play to a draw, as Germany came out gunning from the opening minute. The European side put the United States under siege immediately, getting wide-open spaces down the flank for crosses. Tim Howard was forced to dive and intercept a couple of crosses, while Omar Gonzalez also made a couple of desperation tackles and clearances. Meanwhile, Portugal went up 1-0 on Ghana after an own goal from the African team.

Things looked comfortable heading into halftime. If things stayed the same, the United States was clean through.

And then that suddenly became very, very nervous.

Germany began the second half similar to the first, attacking the United States down the flanks and looking to cross into the middle. Miroslav Klose came on for Germany, and made an immediate impact, finding space in the U.S. box. Then Thomas Muller scored in the 55th minute for Germany, after Tim Howard's diving save sent the ball right to him.
And then Ghana scored to tie the match.

The United States was still through, but one more Ghana goal would have sent the U.S. packing. Portugal looked tired, the United States looked tired, while Germany and Ghana looked likely to get another goal apiece. It was time for butterflies and nervous shaking.
No chances seemed to be coming for the U.S. -- so the hero everyone expected emerged: Ronaldo. The world's best -- or second-best -- player finally scored for Portugal, putting them up 2-1 on Ghana.

The United States had some chances in added time, as DeAndre Yedlin made an impact as a sub, but they couldn't find the back of the net. It ended up not mattering, as Ghana couldn't score again.

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