Friday, March 21, 2014

Japan's home away from home / Japan and Brazil story / Have a Fun Wigs

 The story of Japanese immigration to Brazil essentially revolves around a country’s need for labour, and the welcome it gave to people who chose to leave their homeland behind because of war and demographic crisis. It is a story that reveals the hospitality and easy-going nature of the Brazilians and the dedication and discipline of the Japanese. 

The 165 Japanese families that disembarked from the ship Kasato Maru at the Brazilian port of Santos on 28 April 1908 had little idea what fate held in store for them. All that small band of pioneers knew was that, following a 50-day voyage, they had come to work, and to work hard. And they would not be the only ones. Between then and 1940, some 180,000 Japanese would make the journey to Santos to begin a new life in Brazil.

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