Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Glasgow Rangers 2014-15 Home, Away and Third Jersey Shirt Kits / Have a Fun Flag Wig !

New Glasgow Rangers 14-15 Home, Away and Third Kits .

This is the new Glasgow Rangers 2014-2015 Home Kit.

The new Rangers 14-15 Home Kit is based on a similar template as the Italy 2014 World Cup Home Kit. Puma combines the classical royal blue home color with white, while the new Rangers Home Strip also features some striking red details.

A classical white / red Polo collar, white details on the side and the founding year 1872 complete the classical design of the new Glasgow Rangers 2014-15 Home Strip.

The shorts of the new Glasgow Rangers 14-15 Home Kit are white, the socks are black.

Glasgow Rangers 2014-2015 Away Kit

This is the new Rangers 14-15 Away Jersey by Puma.

Based on the same template as the Glasgow Rangers 2014-15 Third Jersey, the new Ragers 2014-2015 Away Shirt is mainly white with blue and red applications.

The white Glasgow Rangers 2014-15 Away Shirt has blue accents in the shoulder area and the sleeve cuffs, while there are red lines on both sides. The founding year of Rangers FC, 1872, is written inside the right sleeve cuff.

The shorts of the new Glasgow Rangers 2014-15 Away Kit are blue with a red line down each side, while the socks are white with red lines on the outside and a blue Puma logo on the front.

Red Glasgow Rangers 14-15 Third Kit

This is the new Glasgow Rangers 2014-2015 Third Jersey.

The new Rangers 2014-15 Away / Third Kit features different tones of red. The new Puma Rangers Shirt is based on a Puma 2014 World Cup Kit template. A unique light red design pattern is printed on the red front of the shirt, showing the Union Flag.

The Glasgow Rangers 2014-2015 Kit features blue sleeve cuffs as well as blue details on the side of the shirt. The shorts and the socks of the new Glasgow Rangers 14-15 Third Kit will be red.

The Rangers FC 14-15 Home Kit will receive the traditional colors of the Scottish club (blue / white). After the Rangers Football Club became insolvent in 2012, they managed to get promoted to the second division for the 2014/15 season.

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